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WCIF (Bulgaria)

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) is a non-profit organisation which was registered in 2001. The idea of establishing this foundation was conceived after four years of work for the Charity Know How (UK) programme Learning, Success, Change. The team implementing this programme in Bulgaria decided to establish a Bulgarian organisation in order to build on the achieved results and to develop new possibilities for working with civic groups and organisations in this country.

Since its establishment to date WCIF has funded over 450 projects to the total amount of 2,300,000 BGN (approx. 1,174,000 EUR) and has organised trainings for over 180 Bulgarian civic organisations. That makes WCIF one of the leading Bulgarian foundations. WCIF systematically combines financial support with capacity building. It aims to provide support for the implementation of public projects and at the same time tries to enhance the professional level of civic organisations.

Mission and vision

We encourage different communities to take responsibility and work actively for social development efficiently using local resources. Our long-term vision is to be:

  • a source of local and independent funding for civic initiatives related to social change, community development and advancement
  • a source of high quality expertise in the sphere of advancement and sustainability of civic organisations, community development, and civic participation, as well as enhancement of local philanthropy


  • to promote the approach of community development
  • to empower the local communities to take initiative and control to find solutions for local problems
  • to create possibilities for development on the basis of  local resources and local philanthropy
  • to promote civic participation as a basic instrument for development
  • to help improve the quality of the civic organisations’ work through capacity building
  • to help the process of creating networks and sharing experience among civic organisations at a regional and national level
  • to build up effective working capacity within WCIF and provide financial stability

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